GRO2 - ‘Grow Too’ - assists companies with the development & implementation of growth strategies.

GRO2 offers consultancy, coaching and (interim) management services with an emphasis on

general management, strategy, marketing, business development & sales


Growth is the Result of Driving Initiatives

Introduce New Products and Services

  • Develop strategies and implement action plans for introducing new products & services, driven by customer needs
  • Develop new applications with existing products
  • Create new services for installed base


Expand into New Regions

  • Assist your company with growing into new regions or markets
  • For example assist a Principal with finding the right Dealer, ensuring the best sales and service coverage for its (new) product lines
  • Or assist a Dealer with entering a new region or market, by developing and driving the required actions, or by acquiring and integrating an existing Dealer

Create Organizational Focus

  • Assist your company with developing a growth strategy on the basis of customer feedback and / or market opportunities
  • Create ‘complete’ organizational focus on the strategy
  • Drive reorganization actions when needed
  • Ensure alignment with all relevant stakeholders
  • Track progress by focusing on the right actions, metrics and cadence, proactively driving growth


Benefits before Costs

  • Using GRO2 your company can get the benefits of growth before the costs of growth - growing your top line before 'serious investments' in for example your organization

Driving Initiatives needs Focus and Effort


GRO2 helps you Focus and Drive your Growth



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